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About Reach One Veteran's Founder/Executive Director

My name is Herbert R. Surgeon, Jr. I am a disabled Marine Corps veteran, who got a new lease on life after two near death experiences. The truth of the matter is that I was a veteran who's health had declined to where I was not close to the "lean green fighting machine" that I once was. Those days were long gone. Actually, it was almost 29 years to the day, that my life changed forever. It was a matter of losing my dad, (heart failure), that sent my mind on a tail spin. It was my harsh introduction to major depression and PTSD. This NEW battle, called PTSD was only the start, of a broader journey that was ahead. Over time, my health would decline further, and still relatively young, I figured that my way out would be suicide. Though my mind would contemplate over this several times, I sought help, and the VA provided. My health issues would worsen, but my family and faith in God, would always bring me through. One day, I finally figured that if I had this chance to live again, why not enjoy it. Everyday is still a challenge but I "keep it moving". I started back playing golf and occasionally fishing.   I met so many veterans that were playing these games and enjoying outdoor activities like myself, because of the same reasons....peace of mind from the challenges of life, a temporary distraction. I remembered where I was mentally and physically, and understood how beneficial these activities still are for me, my family, my health, and my quality of life with disabilities.  I invited some friends and met new ones along this journey to join me in helping other veterans SAVE THEMSELVES and enjoy and improve their quality of life through recreationally therapy. Maybe I can Reach One VETERAN!

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Dedicated to assisting Veterans in need, members of the Armed Forces, and their families, through participation in recreational activities.

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ROVNC vision is to create a better everyday life for as many veterans and their families as possible.”

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