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Our mission is to aid and support military service members of any status in overcoming physical, mental and emotional obstacles. We do this by promoting recreational activities that become therapeutic and enhances the veteran’s socialization experience with others like themselves to relate to.  These recreational activities effectively improves the well-being and quality of life for the veteran.

We want to do our part in preventing this by getting them to participate for their wellbeing and improve their quality of life.

ROVNC's motivation is to support the veteran through recreational activity. We also encourage veterans to socialize with others like themselves in a non-threatening environment of recreation. It also creates a support system for the veteran and their family to make lasting meaningful relationships. Our programs vary from golf, fishing, swimming, canoeing and kayaking, horseback riding, cooking and barbequing and many many more sports and activities. Lastly, our Extended Hands Outreach Program helps other veterans in need.  We also address the growing impact of widows of veterans through various services.  This includes small household projects, building or repairing ramps, and our bi-annual Veteran's Gift Give-A-Ways, which are care packages to veterans and their families.




  • 40,000 Homeless Veterans


  • 1.4 Million Veterans at risk.

  • 170,000 deployed.

  • 150 Countries

  • 18-22 Veterans take their own lives everyday.


Reach One Veteran of North Carolina is dedicated to assisting veterans and their families through their participation in our various recreational program events. An expected outcome is that recreational therapy will aid in strengthening family bonds, and improve socialization of the veteran. We also expect these outcomes to help in eliminating the thoughts of suicide throughout our communities.

“You are NEVER alone!”

Herb Surgeon- Founder/Executive Director

Reach One Veteran of North Carolina

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